Worldcook's Snacks and starters
  American pancakes Club sandwich (salami) Gravad lax Omelet rolls Sardine appetizer  
  Anchovy and olive straws Coquilles on cucumber Grilled prawns Open prawn sandwich Satécroquettes  
  Asparagus rolls Cottage cheese rolls Guacamole Oriental meatballs Sausage rolls (Finnish)  
  Avocats farcis Coconut prawn Hamburger Oven baked camembert Sausage rolls (Dutch)  


Baba ghanouj Corn fritters Ham cheese chausson Oven dried tomatoes Savory muffins  
Bacon chicken rolls Crab burger Hamine eggs Pakora Scottish eggs  
Bacon franks Crispy eggs Ham rice triangles Pan bagnat Sesame beef strips  
Bacon pies Croquettes (various) Ham mousse Pancake with camembert Sesame walnut spread  
Bacon tartlets Crostini Ham strudel Party balls Shrimp croquettes  
Baked black olives Deep fried asparagus Japanese chicken skewers Panzerotti Shrimp paste  
Baked apples with cheese Deep fried stuffed tomatoes Kamper sturgeon Paté Smoked salmon and prawn terrines  


Baked lemons Deviled eggs Liver pâté Paté de Pâques Smoked salmon egg toast  
Bapao Donuts Liver sausage Pâté from Maastricht Smoked salmon with spinach


Bean sprouts with egg Doughnuts

Locket's savoury

Peanut wafers Smørrebrød
Beid hamine Dried tomato herb bread Lumpiang Shanghai Peppers with feta Spanakopita
Bitterballs Dutch fritters Luqmi Pepper pate Spring rolls (Filipino)
  Blini with salmon Easter pate Ma hor Pesto brie toast Spring rolls (Vietnamese)
  Brik Eggplant rolls Marbled eggs Pizza frittata Spring rolls (Vietnamese, cold)
  Brik with mushrooms Eggplant with stilton Marinated cheese Poffertjes Stilton croquets
Bruschetta Eggs Benedict Melon cocktail Potato basket Stuffed eggs  
Carpaccio Eggs mayonnaise Meulemeester eggs Potato cakes with smoked salmon Stuffed pancakes  
  Carrot croquettes Eggs with corn sauce Miang som Potato croquettes Stuffed tomato recipes  
  Celery with Roquefort Falafel Mimosa eggs Prawn chili quiche Stuffed vine leaves  
  Cheese chili wafers Farmers pâté Minced beef rolls Prawns in bacon Sushi  
  Cheese croquettes Feuilleté aux morilles Mini pie bacon Prawn mousse Tapenade  
  Cheese puffs Feta zaganaki Mini pie tomato Preserved dried tomatoes Tomates a l'antiboise  
  Cheese straws Figs with cheese Mini pizza Prune bacon rolls Tomato focaccia  
  Cheese straws with nuts Fish croquettes Nan pizza Risotto croquettes Tuna frittata  
  Chicken liver mousse Fish pate Nepalese crackers Roasted tomatoes Vegetable samosa  
  Chicken meatballs Fried feta Nutty cheese straws Russian eggs Vegetarian snacks  
  Chicken prawn rolls Garlic breadsticks Obatzda Sablés au fromage Warak einab  
  Chili pies Garlic pizza Oeufs en cocotte Salmon pancake rolls Welsh pancakes  
  Chisolini Goat cheese croquette Oliebollen Salmon sandwich Welsh rarebit  
  Cigarettes Borek Goat cheese rolls Olive al forno Samsa (samosa) Yakitori  
  Club sandwich (chicken) Goat cheese soufflé Olive and anchovy straws   Yogurt cheese  
  Club sandwich (rillettes)