Worldcook's Salads


Apple bacon salad Chicken melon salad Fig salad Pasta rucola salad Sambal tappa  
Asparagus avocado salad Chicken mango salad Fish apple salad Pasta salad Savory fruit salad

  Asparagus salad with green beans Chicken pineapple salad Goat cheese and raspberry salad Pasta salad with beetroot Singapore noodle salad
  Asparagus salad with ham Chicken salad with fruit Gooseberry salad Pasta salad with salmon Slata fel fel  
Asparagus salad with salmon Chicken spinach salad Greek salad Pear cheese salad Smoked chicken and blueberry salad
  Avocado and pumpkin seed salad Chickpea salad Green bean, radish & carrot salad Pilaki Smoked eel salad  
  Avocado and smoked fish salad Chili beef salad Grilled vegetable salad Pomelo crab salad Smoked fish salad
  Avocado salad Chinese cabbage Herring salad Pomelo salad Smoked trout salad  
  Avocado salad with salmon Coconut beef salad Huzarensalade Potato and sea fruit salad Spinach salad  


Banana bud salad Corn avocado salad Insalata caprese

Potato salad recipes

Squid salad  
Banana walnut salad Coronation chicken Insalata di rinforzo Potato salad (Dominican) Tabouleh with prawns  
  Basil pasta salad Couscous salad Insalata mista Potato salad (Finnish) Thai beef salad  
  Bean prawn salad Crab coconut salad Kachumbari Potato salad (Nepal) Thai noodle salad  
  Bean salad Crab mango salad Karedok Potato salad (Norwegian) Tomato mozzarella salad  
  Bean salad (vegan) Crab salad Lebanese fish salad Prawn cashew salad Tomato salad  
  Beef salad Crab salad (Iceland) Lentil salad Prawn melon salad Tuna and prawn salad  
  Beet and eggs Creole salad Lettuce with pineapple Prawn papaya salad Tuna salad  
  Beetroot salad with goat cheese Cucumber bean sprout salad Macaroni salad Radish mango salad Tuna and green mango salad  
  Blue cheese and walnut salad Cucumber feta salad Macaroni salad (Dominican) Red cabbage salad with brie Tzatziki  
  Broad bean spinach salad Cucumber pineapple sambal Mango chicken salad Red cabbage salad with gorgonzola Ukrainian cabbage salad  
  Cabbage salad Cucumber salad Mango crab salad Rice salad Xoriatiki  
  Cabbage salad with anchovies Cucumber salad (Japanese) Mexican salad Rice salad (Italian) Vegan salads  
Caesar salad Cucumber salad with mint Moroccan spinach salad Rudjak Vegetarian salads
  Cajun potato salad Cucumber sambal Mushroom salad Salade chevre chaud Waldorf salad  
  Caprese salad Dandelion salad Neapolitan tuna salad Salade Niçoise Watermelon salad  
  Carrot peanut salad Duck mandarin salad Noodle prawn salad Salad from Luik White bean salad (Dominicana)  
  Carrot salad Dutch salad Norwegian fish salad Salad with asparagus and shrimps White bean salad (Spain)  
  Carrot salad with smoked salmon Eggplant salad Panzanella Salad with poached egg and salmon Zaalouk  
  Chiang Mai chicken salad English garden salad Papaya salad Salat olivier    
  Chicken fruit salad     Salmon salad