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Worldcook's Recipes with Banana
Recipes with
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  Amarula chocolate shake Banana lemon trifle Banana split Desserts with banana Oven baked bananas  
  Baked pears Banana mandazi Banana walnut salad Estofado Platanos en caldero  


Banana bread Banana muffins Banana with coconut sauce Filipino prawn soup Pork with fruit sauce  
  Banana cake (Vietnamese) Banana oatmeal bread Banana with sago cream Flying Jacob Sauerkraut with banana  
Banana chocolate cake Banana orange bread Banoffee Fried bananas (Indonesian) Savory fruit salad
  Banana chocolate pudding Banana pie Banoffee pie Fried bananas (Cape Verde) Sweet banana relish  
  Banana curd Banana pineapple mousse Caribbean bananas Fried banana with almonds Tipsy trifle  
Banana custard Banana pudding Coconut banana Ginataan Toffee bananas
  Bananas Foster Banana relish Coconut banana ice cream Green banana curry Tropical chocolate pie  
  Banana fried bread Banana rice Coffee bananas Nilagang manok Tropical salmon  
  Banana ice cream Bananas and peanuts Curry of lamb with fruit      

Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits in the world, if not the most. They are popular in tropical countries as well as in Europe and the USA. Which is understandable, because it is such a convenient fruit: easy to peel, no pits, no problems, no chewing needed (almost). Bananas contain a lot of potassium. Bananas grow on something that looks like a tree, but is not; after producing the banana, the plant will die and disappear entirely, and a new plant will emerge, producing bananas again.