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Coffee bananas


Cabinet pudding


Mix the coffee with 1/2 deciliter water. Mash 3 bananas, mix with the coffee and the liqueur. Divide into three portions. Put the first portion on the bottom of three glasses, add a tablespoon sugar, and a few tablespoons yogurt. repeat this process twice, decorate with the sliced banana.

Mix the cubes of cake with the raisins and the candied cherries. Beat the eggs and the egg yolks with the sugar and the vanilla sugar, beat in the milk and the cream, pour over the cake mixture. Stir all well together, let is sit for 15 minutes. Put the mixture in a baking tin, bake 1 hour at 160 degrees Celsius.

Several sources differ about the origin of this dessert. Some say it is American; but they probably refer to an article in the Time Magazine, describing the political mess in the United States in the 1920s, which is interesting but not edible. Some say it is German, which is not surprising as "Kabinett Pudding" sounds very German. But as most state it is British, I also stuck to that origin.