with bananas

Banana lemon trifle




Cut the cake in layers. Cut 8 rounds from the layers with a glass. Put a round of cake on the bottom of 4 glasses and sprinkle with liqueur. Put half of the bananas on top. Mix the custard sauce with the lemon curd and pour half of it on top of the bananas. Repeat the process. Beat the cream with the sugar and spoon on top. Decorate with a slice of banana.

18 June 1815 was the Battle of Waterloo day.  Napoleon lost against a British-Prussian army led by the Duke of Wellington. It is still remembered by some regiments of the British army.  Click on culinary calendar for more links between cooking and history.

Mix the egg yolks and the sugar with an electric mixer for 5 minutes, add the other ingredients and mix a minute more. Poor this in a pan and put on very low heat. Keep mixing for 5 to 10 minutes, until the zabaglione thickens. Serve immediately.