Vegan main course
Worldcook's Vegetarian main courses
  Abashi Cucumber dal Kohlrabi dish Pizza calzone Spinach and agushi  
  Asparagus Italian style Dal Kohlrabi with ginger sauce Pizza with spinach and pepper Spinach quiche  


Asparagus pies Deep fried stuffed tomatoes Korean vegetable noodles Porotos granados Spinach soufflé  
  Asparagus with nettle sauce Eggplant rolls Koshari Potato spinach gratin Stuffed green peppers  
  Baked tomatoes with ricotta Eggs with tomato sauce Lemon rice (savoury) Potatoes with wine and cheese Stuffed pancakes  
  Bean curd with lemon grass Endive tarte tatin Macaroni with Brussels sprouts Pumpkin ravioli Succotash  
  Bean lasagna Fazzoletti Malai korma Quiche Provencal Tagliatelle with mushrooms  
  Bean stew from Dijon Fried eggs with Creole sauce Maque choux Quiche with beetroot and leek Tibetan noodles  
  Beed wel tamatim Fried feta Melanzane Rice and pea pancakes Tomato cheese pie  
  Berthoud Fresh pasta Mushroom gougère Risi e bisi Tomato mushroom quiche  
  Blue cheese fondue Ful medamis Mushroom pasta Rotolo Tomato pie  
  Broccoli quiche Garlic pizza Mushroom pie Semolina pie Tomato quiche  
  Buckwheat roast Gâteau de crèpes à la Florentine Omelet with feta Spaghetti alla limone Toor dal  
  Cabbage pie Ginger noodles Onion quiche Spaghetti alla trapanese Turkistan pilaf  
  Cannelloni with eggplant Gnocchi Pasta arrabiata Spaghetti with broccoli Tuscan pie  
  Cecena Goat cheese soufflé Pasta pepperoni Spinach cannelloni Vegaburger  
  Cheese fondue (Dutch) Grand aioli Pasta pie Spinach filled flatbread Vegetable noodles  
  Cheese fondue (Swiss) Green pasta Pasta with asparagus Spinach gnocchi Vegetable patties  
  Corn fritters Green banana curry Pasta with green beans Spinach lasagna Vegetable wrap  
  Cottage cheese rolls Humita Pesto pasta Spinach mushroom quiche Watercress omelet  
  Creamy tomato pasta Imam bayildi Pilaf Spinach pancakes Welsh pancakes  
          Yellow lentils