Worldcook recipes for small cakes and pies from all over the world
Worldcook's Small cakes and pies
  Appelflappen Brownies Cream puffs Mocha waffles Puffs


  Apple blueberry tartlets Brownies with ginger Dutch fritters Muffins Raisin tartlets


  Apple tartlets Caramel brownies Fruit tartlets Peach dumplings Smoutebollen  
  Apple tartlets (French) Caipirinha pies Gooseberry dumplings Nonnevotten Tippaleipa  
  Apple turnovers Chestnut chocolate pies Haloevas Oliebollen Rhubarb tarte tatin  
  Banana muffins Chocolate cupcakes Koeksisters Petit fours Boterkoek  
  Blueberry lemon chess squares Chocolate lemon muffins Lemon chocolate muffins Pithiviers Sbrisolona


  Bossche bollen Chocolate pies with raspberries Mince pies Pomegranate muffins Strawberry tartlets  
  Botervlaai Chocolate walnut pies