Lemon cake and
pie recipes



with ginger


Lemon ginger pie


Chestnut chocolate pie


Mix the cookies with the butter and put this on the bottom of a greased pie mold; flatten with the back of a spoon. Mix the remaining ingredients well and pour this mixture into the pie mold. Bake one hour at 160 degrees Celsius. Refrigerate the pie three hours before serving.

Mix the flour, butter and 50 gram sugar and knead this well. Roll out this dough and line 4 small greased pie molds with it. Bake the pies 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius in the oven and allow them to cool down. Bring the milk to the boil with the chestnuts and cook for 45 minutes; puree this mixture and add the cream and the remaining sugar, put it in the fridge for 2 hours. Melt the chocolate in the microwave or au bain marie. Fill the pies with the chestnut mixture and drizzle chocolate over it.