Worldcook's Ginger recipes

Ginger has been used for thousands of years and originates from South East Asia, but 2,000 years ago it was also already an ingredient, used by the Greek. Ginger is healthy and often used against sicknesses like those resulting from pregnancy or travel. It is used in the Japanese kitchen, cut in thin slices and preserved in sugar and vinegar (gari), and served with sashimi and sushi. Young gingerroot is cooked in syrup and dried, and served as a sweet. Ginger powder is made of dried gingerroot and often used in sweet dishes and cakes.


Baked pears Ginger chicken noodles Ginger noodles


Biscuit spices Ginger chocolate bavarois Ginger nuts
  Brownies with ginger Ginger chocolate cookies Ginger preserve


  Carrot soup (cold) Ginger cookies Ginger pistachio shortbread
Chicken in ginger sauce Ginger cookies (2) Lemon ginger pie
Coffee ginger pudding Ginger drop cookies Peach gingerbread cake  


Double ginger cookies Ginger ice cream Pear ginger pie  
Ginger beer Ginger ice tea Pear ginger pie (2)  
Ginger beurre blanc Ginger jam Preserved ginger  
  Ginger cabbage beans Ginger meringue Rhubarb ginger jam  
      Sweet rolls