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Arabic meatloaf Frikadel with cherry sauce Meatball recipes Moroccan meatballs Pastitsio


Bergedel daging Hachis Parmentier Meatballs with cheese and mustard Moussaka Pelmeni


  Bitotsjki Hamburger Meat loaf Moussaka (Cypriot style) Picadillo  
Ćevapčići Kjöttkaker Meat loaf (2) Moussaka Egyptian style) Sauerkraut pies  
  Chili con carne Köfte Meat loaf with eggs Omelet envelopes Sauerkraut with banana  
  Chorizo Maiale al latte Meat patties Oriental meatballs Shepherds pie  
Empanadas (Argentina) Manti Meat pie Oriental quiche Swedish meatballs  
Empanadas (Chile)

Meatballs from Luik

Milanesas de carne picada Pastel de choclos Turkish meatballs