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Worldcook's RECIPES from TUNISIA
Sweet and
sour pears

Honey garlic

Fish soup



Tunisian bread

Stuffed tomato



The origin of Tunisian coking is Mediterranean as well as based on tribal life. Many countries have reigned Tunisia (like Arabs, Turks and French) and the traces hereof have left the Tunisian cuisine very diverse. Some dishes can be quite spicy, like harissa, which is used often. The same can be said about red peppers, olive oil and tomatoes. On the coast, a lot of seafood is prepared whereas close to the mountains, people eat lamb and game. Sweet mint tea is popular, as well as thibarine, a herbal liqueur made on the basis of figs or dates. This liqueur used to be prepared by the monks in the Thibar region. In gargottes, small local restaurants, you can try many delicious types of food; the ingredients are usually bought in the colorful souks.
Special days in Tunisia to serve this food on are 20 March 1956, when the country became independent from France; 21 March, Youth Day; 9th of April, Martyr's Day and 7 November, Commemoration Day. Click on culinary calendar for more links between cooking and worldwide history.