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In the Chilean cuisine, you will find influence Spanish cooking, but also from other European countries like Germany and Italy. Chile is bordering the sea along many thousands of kilometers and therefore, fish is a main ingredient on the menu. The country stretches over a number of climate zone, not to mention flat and mountaneous areas and as a result, the food from various regions can be very different.

Pastel de

Tomatos rellenos

22 November 2009
Mussels and
chicken dish

Pastel de

13 May 2010
Cascara de
naranja confitada

Huevos con
pilco de choclo

Torta de hojas
Sopa de


Pan de Pascua

Cola de mono
Escabeche de pollo
de pollo

Pisco sour

Special days and remembrances in Chile, on which you could serve these dishes, are Dia de las Glorias Navales or Navy Day, on the 21st of May; and 19 September, "Dia de las Glorias del EjÚrcito" or Armed Forces Day. Cola de Mono is served in Chili for Christmas; for New Year, one likes to eat lentil soup for the resemblance between lentils and coins. Click on culinary calendar for more links between cooking and worldwide celebration.