Cream is a product that contains at least 10% fat from milk and no other fat. We distinguish a number of varieties:

  • Whipping cream: this cream contains at least 30% fat and can be used in hot as well as cold dishes. It can be whipped, which is easier if the cream is cold. But be careful, because if you whip too long, it will turn to butter and can no longer be used.

  • Sour cream tastes fresh-sour because of the use of lactic acid bacteria, and contains 15-20%, This low fat percentage makes it unsuitable for hot dishes and it is mainly used I cold dishes. If you want to use it in a hot recipe, however, add it at the last moment.

  • crème fraîche also has a light sour taste but it is thicker and the fat percentage is higher than in sour cream: 30-35%. Therefore, it may be used in hot as well as cold recipes.

  • Single cream has 18% fat and cannot be whipped

  • Double cream: has 48% fat and can be whipped and used in cold as well as hot dishes.

  • Clotted cream is mainly sold in Great Britain and it is very fat: the fat percentage is more than 50%. It is served with hot scones, but furthermore, the use is limited.

  • Light cream: a cream with 20-25% fat, sold in the USA. Unsuitable for hot dishes.

  • Heavy cream: a cream with 40% fat, suitable for all use because of the high fat percentage.