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Worldcook's RECIPES from GEORGIA  


In Georgia, eating together is a very important event. The dinners may take hours and are accompanied by loads of Georgian wine. To keep it all on track, there is a tamada (toastmaster) who ensures that everybody gets his or her turn to share an important wish with the group. And before drinking you say "Gaumardshos!"
Georgia has different landscapes and climates, ranging from sub tropical close to the border of the Black Sea (where oranges, tangerines and lemons are growing), to the snowy mountains of the Caucasus. In the hilly areas, tea is growing. The Georgians produce good wines; and you will not be surprised to hear, that they also make their own beer. Many of the Georgians are orthodox, which means they have to fast 100 days per year. During fast they eat vegetables and walnuts - walnuts are very popular anyway, just like mushrooms en green herbs. Corn bread, mtsjadi, is part of many meals as it is cheap and tastes good. Soelgoeni is white young cheese and is eaten fresh or smoked; it used to be made from buffalo's milk, like mozzarella, but nowadays all kinds of milk are used. Matsoni is a drink made of yogurt and water and very popular. Fish is often on the menu too; it is caught in the Black Sea as well as in the East Sea, and also in the rivers.

Warak einab


with walnuts


Green beans
with egg


Cream pie

Special dates in Georgia, on which you could serve these recipes, are 7 January (Orthodox Christmas), 9 April (Day of National Unity), 28 August (Assumption of Mary in the Eastern Orthodox Church) and 23 November, Giorgoba, the name day of the patron saint of the country. Click on culinary calendar for more links between cooking and worldwide history.