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Burundi is a very small densely populated country, which used to be one with Rwanda and was given to Belgium, who was colonialmaster of DR Congo at that time, at the end of World War I in 1918. Since 1 July 1962, the country has been independent from Belgium as well as Rwanda and 28 November is celebrated as Republic Day. The country borders the gigantic Lake Tanganyika, which is part of the Great Rift Valley, and has also beautiful mountains, lush and green. The Burundese are fond of their beans, sweet potato, cassava and plantains. Small fish are caught from the lake, and just put to dry on the beach, after which you can keep them for months without refrigerating (picture underneath).
The Burundese government is working hard on luring tourists, and slowly tourism is picking up space. With the infrastructure, which has developed swiftly, the nature, the water and beach and already a number of good hotels, this may be an ongoing development. There are also many beautiful birds, like the crowned crane underneath, and other animals and flowers like acacia and flamboyant.
Land is scarce with the high population pressure, also a consequence from the fact that more than 80% of the people still live off agriculture. The government promotes regional crops with subsidized intrants, and as a result a lot of corn is grown, which is relatively new to the country. The country also produces coffee, mainly for export.
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