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Worldcook's RECIPES from UGANDA
Uganda is situated on a high plateau between two rifts and it borders with DR Congo, Sudan, Tanzania and Kenya. It was a collection of kingdoms until it got invaded by Arab traders in 1830. In 1860 British came looking for the Nile's source and between 1894 and 9 October 1962 Uganda was a British protectorate. The Uganda Railway, which was finished by the British in 1896, runs from Kampala to Mombasa in Kenya. The British had many people from India come over to build the railway, and their descendents still live in Uganda. All these nationalities are reflected in the Ugandan cuisine. On the culinary calendar, you will find the 9th of October is Independence Day and the 9th of June is Heroes Day.
Chapati egg

Roti (chapati)

Rice and