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25 April 2011
Lettuce with

Chicken tajine
Chicken tajine
with lemon
Chicken with
peanut sauce

I have been working in various parts of DR Congo, in the capital Kinshasa, in North and South Kivu. It was hard trying to find what the local food and culinary history looked like. This is not surprising, if you take the size of the country into account as well as its scattered history. What I saw were a lot of chicken dishes, even though the Congolese themselves often uttered their doubt about the Congolese origin. But one thing was definitely popular: fufu. No meal is complete without fufu. Fufu is a puree, which can be made of manioc, plantains, yam (sweet potato) or a mixture. it is served in various African countries, but in DR Congo it is nearly always made out of manioc. To my spoilt Western palate, it tastes like nothing, most of all like I imagine it would be eating a rubber ball. And it does not look very appetizing either. But served with a meat or tomato sauce, it goes down all right.
You see a lot of Dutch potatoes growing in Congo, exported to the country by the Belgians in the 19th century; even though everybody is enthusiastic about them, they are more often used for export than for eating.