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On Bali, the food is just as delicious as in the rest of Indonesia, but there are some differences. Half of the population is Hindu, whereas in the rest of Indonesia, the majority is Muslim. Therefore, eating pork is not a problem, even though Hindu priests are not supposed to eat either pork of beef. You see the signs everywhere, advertising the popular dish "Babi Guling" (roast suckling pig).
The goddess Dewi Sri , the partner of the Hindu god Vishnu, is the special goddess of rice in Bali. The food is generally seen as a blessing from the Gods and therefore, offerings are given all through the food chain, from the payers at the temple at rice field level, to the throwing of cooked food before eating. In Bali, the most famous dish is "nasi campur", mixed rice, which consists of rice with several side dishes and sambal, usually packed in banana leaves. The dish, which is called
gado gado in the rest of Indonesia, is called Jukut Pecel in Bali. More famous Balinese recipes here are Satay Lilit and Bebek Betutu (duck in banana leaves).

Bebek menyanyat
Bebek menyanyat
Duck curry

Duck in banana leaves
Bebek betutu

Nasi kuning

Buah kacang mekuah (green beans with soy sauce)
Buah kacang

Sate ampet sasak

Balinese satay
Satay lilit

Sambel tomat

Be celeng base manis (Pork with sweet soy sauce)
Be celeng
base manis


Spinach with tomato
Spinach with tomato

Be abon (crispy beef)
Be abon

Spice paste for vegetables

Spice paste for beef
Base be sampi

Serapa sampi (coconut beef salad)
Serapa sampi


Fried banana
Jaja pulung biu

Lamb curry
Lamb curry

Coconut cucumber

Sambal udang
Sambal udang




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