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The Central African Republic (CAR) is a poor country, in, as you would expect from the name, the middle of Africa. It is landlocked and surround by countries, which in many cases still are in a situation of conflict. Travelling to CAR is therefore often discouraged. This is really a pity, since it is a beautiful country. There is nature, wild animals, gorillas, and more. The capital Bangui is situated on the border of the river Ubangi, where small fishermen's boats go up and down to DR Congo and back.
Already in 1000 BC, the Central African Republic was populated by Ubangian speaking people. In 1889, the French built a post in Bangui, and occupied the country, but on 13 August 1960, the country became independent again, participating in the big wave of independencies, which occurred at that time in Africa.
In the capital, you will find some international food at elevated prices; furthermore one eats rice, bananas, chicken, prawns, peanuts, spinach (or amaranth), okra and of course fufu (cassava) like in all other countries in Central Africa. The fruit is delicious, avocados abundant and you can find nice big cool bottles of Primus (local beer) all over the place. Palm wine and banana wine are other local drinks. Spinach with peanuts is a popular dish.
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