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In July 2006, the London 100 years of car parade took place, in which we participated with the Bristol. There were many other beautiful cars there, of all sorts and ages, and even army transport was available. One of the soldiers brought some silk stockings in his pocket, and was waving them at all the ladies. Unfortunately, this did not have the same effect as it had 60 years ago.

Above are pictures of the Tower, the Tower bridge and the Eye of London. The Tower was built in the 11th century by William of Normandy (William the Conqueror). It has served as a place for living and parties, but mainly as a prison, where many famous people have stayed and some of them have lost their head, the most famous being probably Anna Boleyn. Nowadays it is a harmless museum.
The Tower Bridge is much younger, as it dates back to 1894. It uses hydraulic power, in the early days generated by steam and now by electricity. The beautiful blue, red and white were only painted in 1977 for the Queens silver jubilee, as before that the bridge had an ordinary brown color. You can even organize parties in there and there is a continuous exhibition.
The "Eye of London", the gigantic Ferris wheel on the boarder of the Thames, is of even more recent times and is sometimes called "landmark of the 21st century". The 135 meters high and already most popular attraction belongs to British Airways and was opened in 1999 and also called Millennium Wheel. Every year at New Year's Eve, big fireworks take place there.

Another major attraction of London is obviously the Thames, beautifully spanned with many different bridges and crowded with boats all day. We hopped on a double deck bus and crossed the river back and forth, just for fun. It has been and still is a major transport way; it is referred to in many books and sport events take place. Many of the big attractions of London are on the boarder of the Thames, one of the being Big Ben, referring to the enormous bell (weight is 13.8 tonnes) hanging inside the tower of the Houses of Parliament, which first rang in 1859. The bell is most probably named after Sir Benjamin Hall, who was First Commissioner of Works in that time and whose name in inscribed in the bell. The tower itself is actually called St Stephen's tower.

We also visited the zoo, especially to please Anna, and put her in a cage immediately (click for large version). The zoo is conveniently small and dates back to 1828, when it was still a "members only" club, the members not being the animals. It was meant for use as scientific study, but 20 years later it became a real zoo and the public was allowed in as well. Walking around there made me think of my first visit with my sister, who worked their for a few months and played football with the lynx. I decided not to try that out, however.
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