Black and white chocolate pie


Apricot pie

  • 125 GRAM BUTTER, cold in cubes
  • 150 GRAM SUGAR
  • 250 GRAM FLOUR
  • 1 EGG
  • 2 APPLES, peeled and chopped
  • 100 GRAM DRIED APRICOTS, cut in pieces
  • 75 GRAM DRIED PRUNES, cut in pieces

Crush the cookies in the food processor. Melt the butter and mix with the cookies. Put this mixture on the bottom of a pie dish and press it down with the back side of a spoon. Melt the chocolate with the cream. Mix the eggs with the sugar, the flour and the cream cheese and beat for a few minutes. Divide this in two portions and stir the chocolate through one portion. Pour the white mixture first on the cookie bottom, followed by the chocolate mixture. Bake the pie 45 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. Allow to cool down before serving.

Mix the flour with the butter, the egg and 100 gram sugar and knead this into a dough. Put the dough aside for one hour. Divide it into two circles of the same size. In the meantime, bring 3/4 cup water to the boil with the apricots, the prunes, the raisins, the apple and the remaining sugar and simmer for half an hour. Dissolve the custard powder in 2 tablespoons water and add it to the boiled fruits. Heat, while stirring, until it is thick. Allow the mixture to cool down. Put the dried fruit mixture on one of the dough circles and close the pie with the other. Bake the pie 45 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

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